Bossed UP Featuring Robert Harris

Being Bossed Up is all about following your dreams and crushing your goals.
I’d like for you to meet Robert Harris; he’s an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Originally from Rock Hill, South Carolina, and currently living in Conway, South Carolina, he attended Coastal Carolina University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications/Music. Throughout college, he learned how to network, communicate and build his business skills.

Rob currently runs his own business, Level 33 Enterprise. Through his business, he aims to embody all aspects of entertainment for weddings, birthdays, family reunions, school dances, social events, and anything in between. Outside of managing his business, Rob does landscaping throughout the summer for 20 different clients. He also details cars for 12 consistent clients throughout the year. Rob is involved in other things such as volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and youth camps in the mix of being an entrepreneur. This past summer, he volunteered at 19 youth camps, where he devoted his time to organizing games and playing music for the kids. Rob enjoys riding motorcycles for fun and taking part in a national pool league in his spare time. Rob finds enjoyment in his entertainment business, so he is always having fun. We asked him a few questions to learn more about the business and the inspiration behind his drive.

Get To Know Rob!

Qualatrice: How did you get started with your business?

Rob: I wanted to offer something that’s not available in SC and my hometown and put all of my talents into one segment, so I started a one-person show.

Qualatrice: What is your purpose?

Rob: My purpose is to change lives and break barriers through my gift of music, no matter age, language, or race.

Qualatrice: How many instruments do you play?

Rob: I play the piano, organ, bass guitar, saxophone, and I have vocal talent as well.

Qualatrice: How did you come up with Level 33?

Rob: It came to me. My Logo V with the crown symbolizes good times. If you keep pushing and focus on God, you will have victory. Also, there used to be three people in the band, and we called ourselves triple threat.

Qualatrice: What motivates you to keep going?

Rob: I will have to say I have many people, even in my family, that doubt me. My grandmother was my biggest supporter, and she motivated me. No one in my family ever had their own business, so I wanted to start something that I could pass on to my family. I have invested a lot into myself. I just want to prove people wrong and show them I can do it.

Qualatrice: Where have you traveled?

Rob: Niagara Falls, Canada, New York Times Square, Florida, Savannah, Georgia, Houston, Texas, and Denver, Colorado.

Qualatrice: When you travel, do you take someone to assist you?

Rob: I do have someone in the DC area that helps me out sometimes. Planning and organizing with others can be hard at times, so most of the time, I travel alone. To get prepared, I usually take off a day early to get everything situated and set up.

Qualatrice: Is there anything you would do differently with building your career/business?

Rob: I genuinely believe I should have taken the initiative out of high school instead of going to college. I feel like I wasted a lot of time in college. I support college and encourage it, but I believe you can’t get ahead if you don’t have the drive. We need things to fall back on.

Qualatrice: How big do you want your business to grow?

Rob: I want my business to be affordable for my clients. I am currently working on something I’m excited to launch in 2019 that will help me expand my business by offering more to my clients. So, stay on the lookout!

Qualatrice: How do you manage your time?

Rob: Once I quit my job, it became easier to manage my time. It was hard coordinating when I was working for someone else. Now, I have the time to run my own business. I handle all paperwork for travel arrangements, scheduling, and contracts.

Rob stands out as being Bossed UP because his grind is real. I have attended several events within the past, and Rob was there as the entertainment host.

To keep up with Rob, go like his business page on Facebook: Level 33 Enterprise.


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