Journi’s Motivation: One Step Forward

All it takes for change is one step forward! That step can be a change for your career, your love life, a new business plan, a financial plan, a traveling plan, or anything you want to change up in life. Things don’t happen or randomly change the way we want them to unless you make that first step and keep things going! Remember nothing changes … Continue reading Journi’s Motivation: One Step Forward

Journi’s Motivation: Power of The Mind

Drake said it best, “the Power of the mind is not a joke!” Your thoughts can either make you or break you. You have to believe in yourself even when no one else does. Pushing towards your aspirations and doing something every day will get you there. Just make sure you’re grasping those positive and “I Know I Can” thoughts in the front of your … Continue reading Journi’s Motivation: Power of The Mind

Journi’s Motivation: Strive for progress and not perfection

Strive for progress and not perfection.It’s always the little steps you take that will get you closer to reaching all goals and dreams! Do something every day that will put you closer to whatever that goal or plan may be. Sometimes our thoughts get into our heads, and we do not want to release anything unless it’s perfect. But guess what, if you continue to … Continue reading Journi’s Motivation: Strive for progress and not perfection

Journi’s Motivation: Resources and Tools

When you have the tools and resources required to accomplish what you want to do, use them for your benefit. In today’s society, you can research what you need and find articles, workshops, mentors, certifications, and a variety of different tools that will allow you to increase your skills and knowledge. What you need to enhance yourself or your business is out there; it’s just … Continue reading Journi’s Motivation: Resources and Tools

Journi’s Motivation: Write Things Down

Writing things down can be a game-changer. Anytime I need to get things done, I have to create a to-do list and mark those things off as I complete them. During an interview with the founder of Beyond Empowerment, she reminded me that when things are written down, they are brought to life. However, please don’t write things down and hide them away in a … Continue reading Journi’s Motivation: Write Things Down

Journi’s Motivation: Boundaries

Having boundaries is important and can bring you peace of mind. They are the acceptable and unacceptable behaviors for which you set for yourself and those around you. Having boundaries never hurt anyone; they may be hard to set in place, but they are beneficial to how you allow others to treat you and your emotional health. Continue reading Journi’s Motivation: Boundaries

Journi’s Motivation: Energy

Energy fuels our life making it one of the most important aspects of living. Therefore, you must always protect your energy. There is a saying, “time is of the essence,” however, your energy is also of the essence. What you decide to pour your energy into has to recharge you. Think about it; if you’re constantly pouring your energy into something without being recharged, you … Continue reading Journi’s Motivation: Energy

Bossed UP Featuring Cynthia O

Cynthia O is indeed Bossed UP and tends to wear many hats! She is the author of “Free As An Uncaged Bird” and Founder of Beyond Empowerment. Everything Cynthia does is done with passion and purpose. After graduating from Coastal Carolina University, she knew she desired to work with young people in some form of compacity. Outside of operating her nonprofit and writing books, Cynthia … Continue reading Bossed UP Featuring Cynthia O

6 Reasons Road Trips Are Good For Your Soul by Sangeeta Ranade

During the summer of my 19th year, I spent a lot of time alone in my downtown Portland, Oregon apartment. It was hot, and I was generally bored. I remember watching a lot of Criminal Minds and going on the occasional walk around the city. Things were starting to get stagnant until I got a text from my best friend, Connor. 

Hey, do you want to help me pick up my stuff from my dad’s house with me? I can come to get you in an hour. 

I needed a break from my life’s monotony at the time, so I replied: Sure, where’s your dad’s house? 

I was looking for my keys when my phone dinged as he replied: San Francisco

Continue reading “6 Reasons Road Trips Are Good For Your Soul by Sangeeta Ranade”