Bossed UP Featuring Lashawn Dreher

I Journi wants to introduce Lashawn Dreher, a natural-born hustler and mom from Columbia, SC.

Lashawn is a graduate of Coastal Carolina University. As an undergrad she studied accounting then switched her major to management. After college, she worked as an accountant for five years before switching gears.

Today, Lashawn is the owner of Naturally Lashawn LLC. and creator of BlkWomenHustle!

Naturally Lashawn LLC. is a digital content and brand company. Lashawn’s line of work include creating and helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, non profits, and creatives to expand his or her own brand across different networks and platforms.

Lashawn enjoys helping others evolve, which is what lead her to developing BlkWomenHustle, a networking platform for black female entrepreneurs. BlkWomenHustle offer personal and professional resources to help the women within the network become established in their area of work. The platform is very innovative and allows for women to really showcase their businesses and talents!

I Journi chatted with Lashawn to understand her Bossed UP grind!

Qualatrice: What made you want to take on the role as an entrepreneur?

Lashawn: I went through a year when I was not employed for several months. During that year I worked 8 out of 12 months. I found myself dependent on other people to pay my bills meaning, employers. I felt suffocated and wasn’t completely happy working for others. I know what I am capable of so I stepped out on faith and started making things happen for myself.

Qualatrice: Why did you start BlkWomenHustle?

Lashawn: I wanted to create a reliable networking platform for black women. BlkWomenHustle allows women to connect with one another and receive recognition for their talents/businesses. BLKWomenHustle is the new networking platform uniting black women across the board. It’s a unique creative space where black women can freely utilize their innovation, collaborate, inform, inspire, network, hustle and make their dreams come true. We’re dedicated to providing personal and professional resources to help establish more black female entrepreneurs. BlkWomenHustle is a proud support system for black women endeavors. One of our many goals is to provide current and aspiring black female entrepreneurs with ease to resources to build worldwide brands.

Qualatrice: What advice would you give someone who is starting a business of their own?

Lashawn: Nothing works unless you do. Make sure there is CONSISTENCY and ORIGINALITY! It’s OK to be inspired by others’ work but use it as inspirational purposes ONLY. You should track all of your data so you will know what’s working and what is not. Also, be mindful of who has a hand in your business and assign roles. I would also say communication is the key. If you need help communicate and remain professional about it. And for the record, I can’t stress this enough but, I am going to say this again, BE CONSISTENT!

Qualatrice: What would you say keeps you motivated?

Lashawn: Being able to create keeps me motivated and just being able to leave an impact. One of my biggest motivations is my son . I want to lead by example because I know he looks up to me and is watching my every move and he alone keeps me going.

Qualatrice: Is there anyone who inspires you to do what you do?

Lashawn: I would have to say that I am very inspired by Arlan Hamilton who is the founder of Backstage Capital. She started her business with nothing and that to me is very influential. It’s not always about how much money you make sometimes, it’s more about how you may impact someone else’s life.

Qualatrice: How do you keep yourself together?

Lashawn:Well, I have a very solid business partner and friends who knows my potential. Sometimes I can hold myself back but my team keep me from holding back by pushing me out of my comfort zone. I must say my circle is pretty solid!

Qualatrice:Within the next five years where do yo see yourself?

Lashawn: I will cross that bridge when I get there. I once had a death near experience before so, I never know whats going to happen next.

Qualatrice:What is your strength and your weakness?

Lashawn: My strength is resilience, being consistent, and dedication when I want to be. I’m a forward thinker and a Natural Born Hustler in words of Tupac. My weakness? If I tell you someone may use it against me soooo, No Thanks.

Qualatrice: If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Lashawn: If you ever decide to chase money you will be a fool. Stick with your passion and your instincts. Life is precious and so is your body so take care of it.

Qualatrice: Is there anything you would change about your past?

Lashawn: The slightest change can alter anyone’s future. I like where I am in life so I wouldn’t change anything about my past. If I didn’t go through or experience the things that I have, I may not be in the space that I am in now.

If you would like to connect with Lashawn Derher you can contact her through BlkWomen Hustle , any of her social media handles or email.

Facebook: Lashawn Dreher

Instagram: LashawnDreher


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