Journi’s Motivation: Access

They say when you receive things in threes, it is a sign. I’ve been having several on and off conversations with two of my close friends about the things and people who deserve access to our lives. I also recently came across a TD Jakes video speaking on the same thing; I feel like he confirmed the recent conversations. Sometimes, we give people access to us who does not deserve to have access to us. Suppose someone is bringing you stress and not benefiting your life for the good, you should stop and think about how much access this person has to your life and then decide if they are deserving of your time and access. According to TD Jakes you sometimes have to send the closest people to you back because sometimes the people who have access to you do not have the revelation of you. We may want the people around us to have the same vision but in reality the visions are completely different and you all are traveling down two different paths in life.


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